1、Many happy returns of this auspicious day to you!


2、Happy birthday to your baby, growing up healthily every day!


3、Happy birthday, like a stream of water at the end of the year, the return of a long life is still young!

→生日快乐,似水流年终不忘,长生归来bai仍少年! 〖19字〗

4、May every special happiness fill this day for you and may the year bring all the best things you are looking forward to.

→愿你享尽今日之欢乐,祝你的生日百事顺心! 〖19字〗

5、I wish my sister a happy birthday, smooth work and a good mood every day!


6、I hope my next birthday will have a boyfriend who loves me and I love.


7、congratulations! congratulations! I wish the baby healthy growth, safe and happy! Happy birthday!


8、I rejoice with you and wish you a long and happy meaningful life.


9、May my birthday be filled with green fantasies and golden dreams.


10、Please love each other with 18-year-old love heart when you are 80 years old! Happy birthday!




11、When we get together, we will celebrate together. Happy Yan Yongzhu, happy with Zhili! Happy birthday!


12、I wish my baby healthy and happy growth, mom and Dad love you forever! Happy birthday!


13、I wish the baby a healthy growth, happiness and success in the future! Happy birthday!


14、Strong body, grow up quickly, the longer the more lovely oh. Happy birthday, son! No matter how you are, mom is proud of you!


15、That past classmate life, is a string of sugar gourd, that charming sweet and sour, will never finish! Happy birthday!


16、Mom is not Superman, can not meet all your requirements, you want to live a happy life, you must learn to be content! Happy birthday!


17、The burden of idols is heavy. I have not sent any pictures for a long time. Thank you for yesterday is birthday with me and wish me a happy birthday!


18、Spring and autumn change, the years of reincarnation, when Jiashen new year with light steps to us, we get together! Happy birthday!


19、Husband, I love you so much, but I cannot be with you. I miss you so much, but I still have to pretend I do notcare! Happy birthday!


20、Ideal is needed, it can point out the direction for us to move forward, but the ideal must be realized from the efforts of reality! Happy birthday!


21、Ordinary me, gentle you, formed the hope of home; water days, light life, the achievement of love story; wife, I wish you a happy birthday!


22、Dear yourself, there is only one you in the world, even if no one knows how to appreciate it, you should love yourself well and be the most real yourself! Happy birthday!


23、Sister, may your birthday be filled with endless happiness, may your memories today be warm, may your dreams today be sweet, and may this year be a happy one for you!


24、Today is your birthday, I will never forget not to drop a day。May god bless you a happy life in peace, healthy and happiness! My wife。

→今天是你的生日,一个我永远忘不掉的日子。愿上帝保佑你一生平平安安、健健康康、幸福快乐! 我的老婆。〖43字〗

25、In the quiet night, the candle is shining; in the happy scene, the cake is sweet; constant thoughts and eternal wishes, I wish you happiness forever; happy birthday!


26、Dad, today is your birthday. May all happiness, all happiness, all warmth and all good luck surround you. Happy birthday! healthy! Happiness!


27、Send you a ladle of blessing spring, watering you every day as today! I wish the heart, entrusted to the wandering cloud, to happy you! Happy birthday!


28、I wish you a happy birthday and best wishes for your colorful life and flying rainbow sky. Happy birthday! Good mood every day! Beautiful forever!


29、Today is my birthday. Happy birthday to myself. Thank those brothers and sisters who care about me, just want to say to you: my world is so good to have you!


30、Wishing you a wonderful birthday. You make this world a nicer place just by being so kindhearted. May this day that is all your own hold happiness for you and the years to come be filled with all the best things, too.

→祝你生日快乐,你的善良使这个世界变得更加美好,愿这完全属于你的一天带给你快乐,愿未来的日子锦上添花! 〖47字〗



31、On the road of life, when you go uphill, you should swagger, when you go downhill, you should be cautious, when you go Yangguan, you should look ahead, and when you go Yangchang, you should look down at your feet. Happy birthday to myself!


32、This morning, when I no longer shed tears for my efforts, the growing years let me know that I have lost too much. The years of growth, let me know that we should cherish everything we have! Happy birthday!


33、To send a wisp of the golden sun, let you happiness of life more warm, send a cool oasis of your beautiful face more moist, to send a sincere birthday wishes, may you through one of the most beautiful days, happy birthday。


34、A gift can be a book or a sentence. Every gift given by everyone is blessed. Although it is not an object, a word can be used as a gift! Happy birthday!


35、You and I have endless secrets and intimate words. Not enough humor, not enough joy. You are my sister. Thank you for being with me all the time. Happy sisters day. Happy birthday!


36、Hot tea can make the body warm, emotional story can make the heart moved, a sound of blessing can convey my feelings. Today is your birthday, I wish you a happy birthday!


37、Use a paintbrush to describe your youth and beauty, use a melody to sing your youthful vigor, use a flower to reflect your innocence and loveliness, use a drop of thick ink to write your sunshine mood, I wish you a happy birthday!


38、Chubby look, flexible body. Silly personality, people love to eat, good taste, fall asleep. A smile with a charmingly naive manner makes the mind relaxed. Today is the day of your birth, pig, your birthday is fast!


39、Dreams will not fade, as persistent as my thoughts; flowers will not wither, as affectionate as my concern; may your life rise in spring, bow in dream, sweet with you every spring, summer, autumn and winter. Happy birthday!


40、The gods in heaven will repay the success, and the old man is day will come. Taishanglaojun holding longevity peach, 28 star night blessing curse. Diseases and disasters are far away, and children and grandchildren are all around the house. Birthday cake just right, Yan Zhanrong Kaile pottery! Happy birthday!


41、Many years ago today, you were born into the world; today this year, you are young and in full bloom; today, you will be safe and happy forever. Happy birthday to you on this special day!


42、Blessing is like a cool elixir, expelling irritability; greeting is a romantic sail, showing tenderness to your heart is content; friendship is boundless sweet, signing a happy order for you, greeting words will render your mood; wish you a happy birthday!


43、Heart want to lapses, candle lit Windows, chapter table is the most happy, you finally learned to take care of yourself, want to use sweet taste, keep happy times, encourage the most courageous, you finally grew up and became a real yourself, happy birthday。


44、Hello leader, today is your birthday, I specially send my blessing, wish him like a bowl of sweet longevity noodles, chewy noodles is my long wish, delicious soup is my happiness, happiness and sweet blessing to you!


45、The boss is birthday, the Secretary paid the most to invite him to eat seafood, said it is rich and golden. The assistant paid less to invite him to eat hot pot, saying it was hot. The worker took out two yuan and said: I invite him to eat spicy hot, so that he can know what suffering is!


46、Message by message write a blessing, a blessing to a friend. Today I wish you wish him, but my friend, how many pieces do you have for your mother? Care not only for her mother is birthday, but also for her usual greetings!


47、Mom, let happiness fly into your window, let good luck land beside you, let happiness always accompany you, let Ruyi flow in your heart, let years of poetry full of sincerity and unforgettable, let my wechat bring you eternal auspicious mother, I wish you a happy birthday! Happy birthday, mom!


48、In this life, if only one wish can be realized, I would like to have you by my side; ask me what I am afraid of? But the bottom of my heart speechless, let us control the temperature of love, you often say: we are the same person. All feelings are the same, whose heart is in pain, the other will also follow the pain. Oh, I believe it is very sweet after the pain. So I am willing to! Happy birthday!


49、If God asks me to make three wishes, the first is to be with you in this life, the second is to be with you in the next life, and the third is not to be separated from you forever. If you go, I will love you in tears; if your heart dies, I will love you in life; if life disappears, I will love you in reincarnation; if the world disappears, I will love you in heaven! Happy birthday!


50、Mom knows that you get up very early in the morning, and you have learned how to cook. You do notneed mom to help you. It saves a lot of things for my lazy mom. Thank you, mom. But my dear daughter, since I got up so early, why do notI tidy up the quilt! Be a clean lady from inside to outside! Clean is not only physical, from her room, from everything around her! Happy birthday!




-- END --